Our company is a veteran in the field, with over five years experience in the area of design and development of template sites, content and virtual stores.
As part of our company’s methodology, we are meticulous in maintaining high quality research, design and characterization of site that meet our clients goals and objectives.

In order to maintain the sites success over time, we provide ongoing professional support, to keep the site up-to-date and updated to the most advanced technologies.
Our proposal includes the establishment of the site using a powerful open source platform which is considered popular in the world and behind it a huge developer community that is constantly updating the system and a huge collection of extensions to expand the platform.
We see ourselves as full partners and committed to the project’s success.
The site is professionally and attractively designed for private customers and large companies.
We provide a wide range of services, from building a professional template site to all businesses, to portals and virtual stores.

Work stages:

What needs to be done in order for the project to end on time, within the budget, at the required level, and of course without compromise in quality.

Research and analysis of competitor sites, learning strengths and weaknesses that will be used in the planning of the site.
Characterization of the site’s structure based on the analysis of target audiences and their needs vis-a-vis the business goals of the site.
Designing a user experience according to the structure of the site, while determining the components of the information and their location on each page, and creating an intuitive user experience that leads the customer to the required services and is routed to a track that serves the business purpose of the site.
Making user interface design and providing a pleasant and innovative visual experience.
Development of the site according to the recommended development methodologies, with emphasis on creating a management system that is friendly to the content manager on the one hand, and technological compatibility required for the organic promotion of the site in search engines and browsing from a variety of browsers.
Quality (because this is not a dirty word)
Instruction and practice of the system in a standard testing environment, practical practice with professional training.
Quality Assurance (QA) in order to ensure the successful launch of the site with no incidents.
The platform will allow the webmaster to independently control the structure of the site:
Create and update content pages
Designated mechanisms for content management, and collection of references to an orderly database
Content publishing process
A mechanism for managing site advertising and more

Advantages of using open source:

First and foremost ownership of the source code of the site and the management system.

The platform contains a wide range of built-in functionality, from complete control over the management of the site structure to thousands of add-ons and extensions to a wide range of needs, most of which are offered for free.

Through its developer community, the developer has advanced versions all the time, and by ensuring these upgrades, you will enjoy a stable, secure, compatible and “smart” system more than any other platform.

Quality of work:

The proposed website will be professionally constructed and will meet the high standards and quality, ensuring all details from large to small, with an emphasis on the following principles.


The site will be designed in clean lines according to the client’s design line and to his satisfaction. The site design will broadcast quality, freshness and modernity using a friendly and useful interface for the surfers.


The site will include a clear and logical hierarchy of the site tree, uniform design along the pages of the site using defined color palettes, as well as orientation and navigation mechanisms (navigation path, uniform buttons and link control).


The site will be developed according to all the usual design rules in the Internet environment and will include a built-in print version, cross browser compatibility and w3c standards.

project managing:

Attaching a project manager to a central contact.
Define a detailed work plan.
Periodic update and progress monitoring.

About Us

In a time when everything is fast motion and instant changes, we are dedicated to listen to the client’s needs and to provide high quality of service, using all our skills and knowledge in a wide range of fields. In the last few years we worked with a number of companies and organizations in developing and managing Internet based initiatives, some based on new applications and some based on existing tools and technologies.
We were was also involved business development consulting, which included M&A, capital raising, and locating investors.

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believe, because it can be that “next best thing”!
Entrepreneurship was always a term which raises concerns more than smiles.
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Mind the Tech NY 2018 | Tech, Innovation & Finance Conference | March 12-14, 2018

Mind the Tech NY 2018, in partnership with Bank Leumi, is scheduled for March 12-14. It will include a series of unique encounters and discussions on topics focusing on business ties with Israel, investment opportunities and more. During the conference, we shall examine the ways in which high-tech and innovation are manifest in an array of fields, from finance, real estate and marketing to sport, fashion, music and art. Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to meet some of the most influential people and companies, opinion makers and trendsetters in NY and the world.
We expect some 500 participants; amongst them are business leaders from Israel and the US, entrepreneurs, VC fund managers, startup CEOs and businessmen.

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