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Project management skills are often what distinguishes between easy and successful projects and painful and unsatisfactory projects.

In a world where customers and business partners expect a complete / comprehensive solution and not just parts and components of code design, there is a real and clear need for project management, implementation of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in project activities to meet all project requirements!

So what is project management?

What needs to be done in order for the project to end on time, within the budget, at the required level, and of course without compromise in quality.

  • Feasibility studies for the project

  • Economic feasibility tests

  • Market research and consumer readiness

  • Strategic planning, including formulating the business vision and identifying the goals and objectives derived from it

  • Writing a business plan with a description of the business model, formulating a marketing plan, examining the business environment, risk analysis and financial and cash flow tests.

  • Assistance in raising funds and appealing to potential investors

  • Accompanying and simplifying the bureaucratic processes vis-à-vis the authorities, the tax authorities, banks, financing bodies and the like.

  • Conceptual and brand design

  • Advertising and promotion

  • Creating composite solutions by using a combination of extensive technologies and languages

  • Consulting and development of ideas in the field of Internet

  • Building a technical and global structure of the project

  • Develop code at the highest level

  • Management of the project from the starting point, through the entire development process to the stage of maturity support and further development

About Us

In a time when everything is fast motion and instant changes, we are dedicated to listen to the client’s needs and to provide high quality of service, using all our skills and knowledge in a wide range of fields. In the last few years we worked with a number of companies and organizations in developing and managing Internet based initiatives, some based on new applications and some based on existing tools and technologies.
We were was also involved business development consulting, which included M&A, capital raising, and locating investors.

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Initiatech Event

Mind the Tech NY 2018 | Tech, Innovation & Finance Conference | March 12-14, 2018

Mind the Tech NY 2018, in partnership with Bank Leumi, is scheduled for March 12-14. It will include a series of unique encounters and discussions on topics focusing on business ties with Israel, investment opportunities and more. During the conference, we shall examine the ways in which high-tech and innovation are manifest in an array of fields, from finance, real estate and marketing to sport, fashion, music and art. Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to meet some of the most influential people and companies, opinion makers and trendsetters in NY and the world.
We expect some 500 participants; amongst them are business leaders from Israel and the US, entrepreneurs, VC fund managers, startup CEOs and businessmen.

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